Foot Kare Crema 100 ml

Foot cream total action


Product number: 90KA9008


Gives relief to tired feet.
Purifies and deodorizes the feet.
Nourishes, softens and soothes the skin of the feet.
A rich formula with natural and innovative plant extracts such as Tea Tree oil, Iceland Moss, Urea, Rock Crystal, Farnesolo, and Thyme especially studied for the treatment of the feet. The cream nourishes, softens, soothes, and relieves the feet. It also purifies and deodorizes the feet.

For external use only. Apply only on intact, clean, and dry skin. Keep out of reach of children. Suspend the treatment in case of evident symptoms of irritation or hypersensitivity towards the product. The use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended.
Instructions for use:
Cleanse and dry the skin gently and apply Foot Kare cream directly on the area to be treated with circular movements to favor a complete absorption.

Treatment duration:
The use of Foot Kare cream could be repeated whenever necessary.
It has moisturizing properties and it is able to retain water molecules in the epidermis down to the deepest layers. Thus, it keeps the skin hydrated and soft. It acts as a humectant and soothing.

With a soothing, anti-septic, purifying and disinfectant action.
FARNESOLIt has anti-bacterial and purifying properties.
Thyme has an antiseptic, antibacterial, disinfectant and antifungal action and it is used to prevent skin hardening and calluses and to keep the skin of the feet soft. It is very useful for relieving pain and fatigue after sports.
TEA TREE OILTea Tree Oil has antibacterial, healing, antifungal and anti-odorant properties, which makes it one of the most miraculous substances that nature is able to offer us.
ROCK CRYSTAL It has deodorant, astringent, healing, hemostatic, soothing and anti-bacterial properties. It helps to prevent bad odor from forming by eliminating the bacteria.

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