Dol Kare Gel 125 ml

Dol Kare gel is a cooling gel capable of providing a quick soothing sensation and relief to the zones treated. Dol Kare gel is also recommended to those who practice sports and it’s ideal for localized massages.


Product number: SW10001
Thanks to the presence of Arnica, Aloe, and Blueberry extract, known for their soothing action, combined with the cooling action of Menthol Dol Kare gel, it can give immediate relief to the affected skin areas.

For external use only. Apply only on intact, clean, and dry skin. Keep out of reach of children. Suspend the treatment in case of evident symptoms of irritation or hypersensitivity towards the product. The use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended.
Instructions for use:
Cleanse and dry the skin gently and apply the Dol Kare gel directly on the area to be treated till complete absorption with circular movements to stimulate microcirculation and favor the substances' penetration.

Treatment duration:
The use of Dol Kare gel could be repeated if the pains don't cease or when the discomfort returns.
ARNICAArnica contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that help reduce muscle and joint pain.
MENTHOLWith a refreshing, decongestant and anti-septic action.
MENTYL LACTATEIt gives a pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin without changing the temperature of the epidermis.
It has anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing and antioxidant properties.
BLUEBERRY EXTRACTIt’s a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever and it helps the microcirculation.
MSMIt’s an anti-inflammatory and it relieves osteoarticular pains and the symptoms of arthritis.
HYALURONIC ACID It has moisturizing properties and it protects the cartilage and ensures nourishment to the cartilage, accelerating its reparative processes. It’s considered an anti-shock molecule, with a lubricating, healing and anti-inflammatory action.

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