Dol Kare Crema 125 ml

Destination of use: The Dol Kare cream is a medical device adjuvant in the treatment of pains in the joints and in the muscle-skeletal system.


Product number: 90KA9001
The Dol Kare cream is a medical device used to treat joint and muscle-skeletal pains.
Its formulation can act on the zone to be treated, keeping the skin protected and helping to relieve pain. The cream contains natural substances like Arnica, Devil’s Claw, and Gaultheria that help the application of the cream during the massage, and the essential oils lend a pleasant scent.

External use. Apply only to intact, clean, dry skin. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use under 12 years of age. Do not use during pregnancy. Always consult your doctor or therapist before undertaking any use. Read the instructions for use carefully. Discontinue treatment in the event of irritation or hypersensitivity to the product.


This is a medical device.

Read the warnings and instructions for use carefully.
Instructions for use:
Cleanse and dry the skin gently and apply the Dol Kare cream daily directly on the area to be treated till complete absorption with circular movements to favor the absorption of the cream.

Recommended duration of the treatment:
The use of Dol Kare cream could be repeated if the pains don’t cease or when the discomfort returns. 
ARNICAArnica contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that help reduce muscle and joint pain.
DEVIL'S CLAWIt is an adjuvant in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory rheumatism, tendonitis, bruises, back pain, sciatic nerve pains etc. Very effective against stiff neck and other muscle inflammations.
ANISEIt has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
It carries out anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions and helps to reduce muscle and joint pain.
MOUNTAIN PINEIt has a relaxing, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect.
LAVENDERIt has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties,
MENTHOLWith a refreshing, decongestant and anti-septic action.

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