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Lifting serum

A precious serum rich in natural extracts that helps to reduce significantly the signs of skin aging. Thanks to its moisturizing and collagen stimulant capacity, the serum has a potent lifting action able to smooth and firm the skin in depth improving the elasticity and firmness around the eyes.

40,00 Euro
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Instructions for use

Cleanse the face carefully. Apply gently the Kare Face Lifting Serum and roll it out with long movements from the center of the face outwards and to facilitate the absorption press lightly your palms on the face. First in the center and then by moving to the sides. Remember that the serum should rarely be massaged and must be applied before the cream in the morning and in the evening leaving the skin around the eyes smoother and more elastic.

Principal natural extracts

Natural extracts Properties
Dragon’s blood It has healing, astringent, regenerating, revitalizing and protective properties. It reactivates thenaturalantioxidant capacityof the skin.It formsan impermeable film thatpreventsthe water containedin the tissuesto evaporate,thus avoidingthe skin from dryingwhich favorsthe onset of wrinkles, and thus leavingthe skin moisturized, elastic and protected. It’s extraordinarilyeffectivein preventing and treatingfacial wrinkles.
PEPHA TIGHT – 2 extracts complex
  • Pullulan
  • Algae extract
It has alifting effect, protects, tightensand firms the skin. It isan antioxidant thathelps to combat thefree radicalsandreduce the thicknessand depthof the wrinkles. It stimulatesthe production of collagenand it helps to maintaintheoptimal level of hydration. It protects tissuesagainst environmental stressandfrom the effects ofUV-A.
The Syn-Ake effect: Viper serum It helps to reduce considerably theexpression lines/mimicry. It isan immediate and very powerful anti-wrinkle serum thatcontainsnaturalproteinssimilarto theviper venom.