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Cream anti-wrinkle

Full of precious natural extracts that helps to repair and smooth the skin, leaving the skin luminous and at the same time improving its elasticity. It helps maintain to an optimal level of hydration. The cream contains extracts that perform anti-oxidant and collagen stimulant activities able to combat the free radical and reduce the thickness and depth of the wrinkles. The skin appears softer, smoother and silkier

35,00 Euro
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Instructions for use

Cleanse the face gently. Then apply the Kare Anti-Wrinkle face cream massaging till complete absorption, in the morning and in the evening.

Principal natural extracts

Natural extracts Properties
PEPHA TIGHT – 2 extracts complex
  • Pullulan
  • Algae extract
It has alifting effect, protects, tightensand firms the skin. It isan antioxidant thathelps to combat thefree radicalsandreduce the thicknessand depthof the wrinkles. It stimulatesthe production of collagenand it helps to maintaintheoptimal level of hydration. It protects tissuesagainst environmental stressandfrom the effects ofUV-A.
Argan Oil It gives softness, smoothness and silkiness to the skin. It has precious moisturizing and regenerating properties. It helps to combat premature skin aging. It promotes the production of collagen and it helps to prevent wrinkles. It has soothing and restorative activities that keep your skin glowing, healthy and nourished.
The Syn-Ake effect: Viper serum It helps to reduce considerably theexpression lines/mimicry. It isan immediate and very powerful anti-wrinkle serum thatcontainsnaturalproteinssimilarto theviper venom.
Red Seaweed It contains precious minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium) which revitalize the skin cells. It also helps to combat the formation of free radicals.
Hyaluronic acid Gives elasticity, softness and compactness to the skin. Leaves the skin smooth and moisturized.
Jojoba oil It has emollient, firming, toning, moisturizingandprotective properties. It promotesthe smooth functioningof the sebaceous glands.