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Dren Kare Cream

200 ml


The Dren Kare cream is a cosmetic product with a formula especially studied to drain and smoothen. Thanks to the presence of precious natural and innovative plant extracts such as Phosphatidylcholine and Birch that carry out an efficacious localized action during the treatment of slight skin blemishes and fatty deposits. The presence of Menthol gives a pleasant sensation of coolness.

Crema pancia-finachi ad azione fredda. Astuccio contenente un tubo da 200 ml.

24,00 Euro
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Instructions for use

Cleanse and dry the skin gently and apply the Dren Kare cream daily directly on the area to be treated till complete absorption.

Principal natural extracts

Natural extracts Functions
Phosphatidylcholine It has draining, firming and smoothing actions and it helps to reduce the localized adiposity.
Theophyllisilane C It has draining and firming actions. It helps reduce fatty deposits and promotes lipolysis.
Birch Carries out remarkable softening, emollient, tonic and smoothening actions.
Pineapple It has draining and smoothing actions and it helps to reduce the localized adiposity.
Indian pennywort It has firming, elasticizing, skin restoring, cicatrising and draining properties.
Horsetail It has draining, elasticizing, slimming and tonifying properties and it helps stimulate the production of collagen.