Exploiting decades of the existing cosmetic expertise of our formulators, Kare proposes efficacious cosmetic products made with a high quantity of natural active plants substances. On the packaging, inside the colored circle, you will find the quantity of active substances contained in each product as a guarantee of the quality and efficacy of the products.

Furthermore, Kare’s formulators continuously watch the World market of natural cosmetic substances in order to select themost innovative substances that are available.

This activity is carried out to ensure that the product is realized respecting the International Cosmetic Laws but with the consolidated experience of being made in Italy in order to assure the users of the Kare products that the product is safe, efficacious and pleasant. In fact, all the Kare products are Paraben free, not derived from petroleum, without SLES, without dyes and without phthalates.

Our products are realized with raw materials and surfactants obtained from raw plant materials and the perfumes are classified IPA and therefore parabeni free. Kare do not run tests with their products on animals.
Moreover, all Kare products are dermatologically tested and subjected to all necessary test in order to guarantee the security and quality of the products. Thus, all Kare products are realized with the utmost respect of the environment and the people.

This philosophy makes sure that the products are suitable for all the members of a family. 

We thank you for having read the information above because we are very keen to inform our prospective customers the commitment and dedication that our company employs in realizing their product in order to supply guarantees and satisfaction to the persons who are most important: YOU.

Thank you.